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  • “This is how words work”
    It's not every day you get called a misogynist and a white supremacist by another lawyer, but I guess we should probably get used to the fact that social media is the best solvent for rational discussion since the invention of road rage. It … Read more
  • What we can learn from 12 Angry Men
    Can a 1957 black-and-white movie tell us anything about how to have tough conversations in 2020? It's a testament to 12 Angry Men that it is considered one of the finest courtroom dramas ever made, despite showing the inside of a courtroom for about … Read more
  • Is lack of legal aid funding for trans-rights complaints really the problem? Really?
    The Martin Luther King of Trans Rights, Jessica Yaniv The legal community, like every community, has a diverse range of opinions on important issues. Some of those opinions are good, some bad, and some unbelievably stupid. In the November issue of Canadian Lawyer Magazine … Read more
  • Pulling the Teeth of Lawyers in the name of Social Justice
    The legal profession is one of the few jobs left where your role is to unapologetically fight. And fighting means throwing punches, taking punches, and having the courage of your convictions. But we now find ourselves at a legal and societal crossroads, where the … Read more
  • Re-education in the Name of Social Justice
    The British Columbia Law Society has traded self-governance for political re-education, compromising the ability of its lawyers to act independent of politics, and ensuring a revolt among members It's not often you see a self-governing profession torch it's own credibility and throw its members' … Read more